Thursday, December 31, 2009

Month in Review: December 2009

All I know is, it's taken over one full calendar year for Nathaniel to finally let me write up one of these "Month in Review" posts. Well, fine, that's not entirely true. The truth is, I have very little interest in going back and finding links and posting links and making the post look all nice and neat.

I'm doing it this month because Nathaniel is super busy and I' Super busy, that is.

So, lessee. First thing's first. I need a little introductory paragraph whatsit to get this thing going. I'm thinking it should be pretty self-serving, and focus mostly on how great a month we've had on the blog and it should bask somewhat in the glory that is EyH.

Right. Got it.

From the latest reviews in our Introduction to Kurosawa to our multi-part Gifts for Geeks holiday guide, December was a bang up month on the blog. In case you were stuck in the North Pole these past thirty-odd days, here's what we were up to:

- A nostalgic trip back to Alex's college days, and a writing class that meant a lot to him. (So much, in fact, that he went on about it for thousands of words...)

- Our weekly comics-news-turned-personal-diary-about-comics feature, Waiting for Wednesday, issues forty, forty-one, forty-two, forty-three, and forty-four.

- An intro to the impending holiday season, followed by several Gifts for Geeks guides designed to make shopping a little easier on everyone. Included in this year's guides were: Comics, "Safe" Gifts for Befuddled Buyers, a mish-mash guide of stuff, and a trip back to the finest presents that 1989 had to offer.

- The continuation of our series of posts about the films of Akira Kurosawa, including Yojimbo and Rashomon.

- Nathaniel's somewhat baffling realization that he might actually like Superman.

- An answer to the age old question: will it blend?

- Two excellent guest posts by regular reader and contributor Scott; one about the Space Opera, and the other about fansubs in anime. Also, be sure to check out Scott's new blog, The Prism Glass.

- A little ranting on the part of Alex, about bookstores and comics.

- Nathaniel's excellent and entertaining post and recording of commentary over Deja Vu, a PC detective game.

- An update on the status of Wizard Magazine's recently-pulled price guide feature.

- This year's updated edition of Nathaniel's holiday classic poem.

- A reminiscence of the Baddest Gifts we've ever received for the holidays.

- And a couple of reflective posts; one by Alex about the year that was, and one by Nathaniel about this past decade of dorkiness.

Whew! That's alotta linking. We had plenty to say this month, and as always, we thank you all for putting up with our nonsense! We'll be back tomorrow with some New Year's Resolutions.

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