Thursday, December 24, 2009

'Twas the Night Before Christmas...

Mega Man Christmas - Rush the Christmas Tree'Twas the night before Christmas, when far from the blog
Two bloggers weren't writing, their minds in a fog.
Yet due to their foresight the posts were all there,
Preemptively written, the next day to share.

They'd learned from last year--it was drilled in their heads--
To schedule their posts meant more time racing sleds
On an iPhone, at least, with a nifty new app;
Can you see them outside? Goodness no! We would clap.

Nathaniel's inside mixing up cookie batter
While Alex buys pies and has grandmas to flatter.
The posts that we've written will be a big smash,
So popular they'll make the Internet crash.

Yes, dozens of fans to this website will go,
And they'll all want to stay for our HTML snow.
It's simple and pretty and brings you good cheer.
(It's the same chunk of code that we used here last year.)

Well, not much has changed since last Christmas; just click
On this link to see what was once new and slick.
Content with the layout, right now it's our aim
To write posts about topics, some of which we now name!

Posts on Star Wars! On Star Trek's big huge exhibition!
On Halloween, Watchmen, Yojimbo, and X-Men!
We talked about food and that game starring Squall!
Plus zombies, Fluxx, Conchords, and Bendis, et al.

Whoa, hang on; my brain is beginning to fry.
I can't think of more rhymes, but doggone it, I'll try!
I'll now try to work in the name "Scooby Doo,"
'Cuz that rhymes with a lot of fun words, like... um... spew.

Alright! So my creative juices went "poof"!
Should we write up our posts even more in advance? Proof
That this might be the case can right here be found;
In a rush to meet deadlines, this post's run aground!

I'd give you excuses but they're lame and moot;
They'd not be enough to make you give a hoot.
I'll try to improve now; I'll give it a crack,
Please give me a chance to get us back on track.

His eyes--how they twinkled! His dimples, how merry!
Hang on; now it sounds like I've drunk too much sherry.
That's clearly the wrong line; believe me, I know!
Like our Link of the Week, this nonsense must go.

I'll mention our blogroll; it's buried beneath
Our archive and links; that's the space we've bequeathed.
We've sandwiched our sidebars; it's like we're a deli!
Our patchwork of widgets would please Mary Shelley.

We're working on something to put on a shelf;
A contest we'll hold to win it for yourself!
It's kind of a secret; it isn't widespread
What this secret prize is. Maybe pigs? Maybe bread?

The next thing I'll mention may make you berserk;
At the end of each post is a fancy new perk:
A trio of boxes lined up in a row
Will take you to somewhat related posts, bro.

It's time to stop writing; I'm blowing the whistle.
It's a quarter 'til two in the AM and this'll
All go down in history as just one more night
Where I waited too long to start blogging. Alright?

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