Friday, April 23, 2010

It's Just Like The Lord of the Rings...I Promise

Ahhh...Friday. The day before Saturday. Truly a day destined to be filled with possibility and wonder. know, filled with all the possibility and wonder of the coming weekend.

Well, okay, so usually Friday is just the day before two days straight of sleeping in. But today, my friends. Today is the day before the start of a grand adventure.

(By which I mean, an extended--and, thusly, awesome--comics shop run.)

I have no idea if I've used the word, thusly, correctly, by the way. Regardless of grammatical error, commencing sometime tomorrow around 10:00 in the morning, and ending whenever the fates will allow (by which I mean sometime before 5:00, since Nathaniel made plans for tomorrow night), the two Exfanding founders (um, that's me and Nathaniel) will embark upon a wondrous journey of going to places that sell comic books and buying comic books from said places.

And who knows what else might happen, and who knows where else we might go. What foes may we cross? What treacherous obstacles might stand in our path? Will it rain? Possibly! But such things shan't deter us from our quest.

And that's the (only a little ridiculous) point that I want to make today. Having comics as a hobby for the last seven years or so has provided me with countless fun (and kinda ridiculous, when you think about it) days, based pretty much on things as simple as driving around with friends looking for stores.

Sure, I don't need comics to do things like that--hang out with friends and have a good time. But comics provide a pretty good reason to go out and do all that stuff.

They are an impetus to adventure, if you will.

And now our heroes (um, that's me and Nathaniel again) have heard the call, and come first light of dawn (10:00, or whenever my haircut is finished), we shall embark upon a journey of...comics buying.

And it will be grand.

-- -- -- --

Happy Friday, everyone! Enjoy the weekend!


Scott said...

It has baseball in it, so I figured you might be at least marginally interested...

AJG said...

Oh, that's fantastic! Thanks for posting this!

Scott said...

You're welcome! I thought it was pretty interesting too... but I love trivia in general.