Saturday, April 17, 2010

20,000 Hits!

We are officially popular.

This blog has received over 20,000 visitors, and that's not even including any traffic from those sneaky feed readers who don't show up on our sidebar's Klingon hit counter. They must be cloaked or something.

20,000 hits alone isn't verification that we're popular. I mean, Alex could STILL be reloading the page every five seconds to slowly boost our hit count. But I checked on our hit counter less than a month ago, just before our insanely busy schedules kicked in, and since then we have not only reached 20,000 hits but surpassed that number by a few hundred. Which means that it's all you, because we haven't had time to sit here and reload the page. Heck, we didn't even notice the hit counter until yesterday afternoon.

So, we are officially popular.

Alex and I had this thing going back and forth where one of us would coerce the other into trying out a new fandom with every milestone. This time, it's Alex's turn... except we're still working on Firefly, which we started at our last milestone. And we're only halfway through the series.

Taking everything into consideration, it looks like, once again, we must adjust our celebration schedule. So, unless there are any peeps from the peanut gallery, our next celebratory milestone post will be scheduled for 51,753 hits--if 20,000 hits was any indication, I figure that's about when I'll notice we've reached 50,000 hits.

So, in lieu of any grand plans of Alex forcing me into reading baseball manga with him, we'll celebrate today by taking a little trip back through time and seeing just how this blog has evolved over its many milestones:

- 1,000 Hits! Because Alex hadn't seen Star Wars.

- 2,000 Hits! Because I hadn't read The Goon.

- 3,000 Hits! Featuring one of my favorite gags on this blog.

- 4,000 Hits! In which I find a way to slip in one of my favorite Space Quest V screenshots.

- 5,000 Hits! In which the secret origin of our blog's name is revealed.

- 6,000 Hits! No official celebration for this one; just a quick mention in a post that was pretty significant on its own.

- 7,000 Hits! Another ironically significant post that only briefly mentions our milestone.

- 8,000 Hits! In which the secret origin of the blog itself is revealed.

- 9,000 Hits! Discussing exactly how much material we've produced for this blog.

- 10,000 Hits! Featuring Alex's favorite picture of the year.

- 15,000 Hits! Or, That One Post You Probably Stopped Reading After Two Paragraphs

- 20,000 Hits! Whoops, that's today.

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