Friday, April 16, 2010

PAX East Recap: The Lost Chapter

Well, well, well. You thought my extended recap of PAX East was over, did you? Ha! I've been writing about that convention for so long that I don't know how to write about anything else. It's getting to the point where I'm going to start declaring Theme Months. We've moved from Mega Man to conventions, it seems, and this was really not anyone's intention.

Irregardless! Here I am, with just a few more things to share about the PAX East gaming convention, things I wanted to include in earlier posts but just forgot or ran out of time to add. First up is Paul and Storm's "Opening Band" song from their Saturday night concert. Oh, and language alert.

Next is the Video Game Orchestra playing a medley from Chrono Trigger at their Saturday Night Concert. I'm one of the many voices shouting "HUH!" at appropriate intervals from the way back.

The last video (and there are oh so many that are worth watching in addition to these three) is MC Frontalot's "It Is Pitch Dark," which was a bonus feature shown at the Get Lamp panel. You'll either love this, feel embarrassed to be of the same species as MC Frontalot, or be really confused.

Finally, because cross-promotion is my shtick, and because I'm not yet convinced that the mere mention of PAX East is making you physically ill, here are links to two articles on where I try (perhaps too hard) to be funny about the convention:

- A videogame-centric news report of what happened at PAX East

- A gallery of some of the costumes I saw at PAX East, complete with silly commentary

And that's it! There is no more to write about PAX East. Which is a drag, because now I need to come up with original blogging topics again. ...Or do I?

...Yeah, I totally do.

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