Thursday, June 10, 2010

Big Life Stuff

There's two things you can pretty much count on from me: One, that I'll avoid talking too much about non-geeky personal stuff on this blog, and two, that I consider all the angles and think things through very thoroughly before making a major life decision.

In the middle of a week where my family is packing up to move to another state, a week spent catching up on work leftover from the busiest work week I may have ever had, a week that started with a funeral and will be ending with a wedding... in the middle of all this, I handed a total stranger the largest check I've ever written and found myself thinking about how I was ever going to manage to move into a new place to live in less than a week.

Life is moving very quickly right now. Beginnings, endings, transitions, all happening at once. Like looking at an entire history textbook condensed to one page. It feels like fiction, actually. I walked in to see an apartment, and by simply looking at it from the doorway, I knew it was the one. None of the drawbacks mattered--rather than being cons to weigh against the pros, they were simply facts. I'd already decided I wanted to move in. Everything else was just details.

I don't make decisions so spontaneously, so lightly. Yet, at the same time, there was an incredible force propelling me into handing over that check. I felt comfortable, confident, and excited the whole time I was there, but throughout the entire drive home I was equal parts nervous and thrilled, kicking myself for making such a great decision.

At least, I hoped it was a great decision.

I second-guess myself at times, but I also found myself reeling from my uncharacteristic snap decision--who was that guy, anyhow? Yet, it felt right.

Big, scary, exciting Life Stuff.

I have no idea exactly what lies ahead, but my apologies in advance for whatever direction my posts will take until I'm settled in the new place.

To celebrate being completely settled, of course, I'm planning the best housewarming activity imaginable--getting up around 7-8 AM on a Saturday to play through a marathon of Mega Man 1-10.

My house, my rules, right?

Whoa. My house. My rules. Exciting. Scary.

It's almost a little like Quantum Leap, where the main character suddenly finds himself "leaping" into someone else's body at the end of each episode, landing in a different time period, usually in the middle of something big. Maybe it's exciting. Maybe it's scary. Inevitably, just before the credits roll, it dawns on him just who he is, where he is, and what's going on. And it's always the same response:

Oh boy.


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