Friday, June 11, 2010

The Last Red Dinosaur

As you may know, I write a column for GameCola called "Flash Flood," in which I review Flash games and videogame-related Flash animations. I'm long overdue for the next installment, but that's beside the point. I decided it would be a fun follow-up to my column to make videos of me playing and talking about the games I've reviewed, like I do with Mega Man.

From what I can tell by doing no research whatsoever, not many people bother to review Flash games, nor are there a terrible lot of videos of Flash games. So, maybe this'll bring a little novelty into your day. My two latest installments are embedded below; there's a full Flash Flood playlist on the GameCola YouTube channel if you'd like to see more. Engage! I mean, uh, enjoy.


A Philosophical Nerd said...

No way!! You're responsible for the Dino extinction?! :D

Cool games. I do enjoy flash games and I haven't seen many people review them, either, though Angry Joe over at did a review of the Mario Crossover, and I think one other reviewer did. I actually do enjoy flash games, though most of the flash games I play at the ones on the Kongregate website. The problem with most flash games, though, is there's very little diversity to them. Most flash games are just the same thing over and over again, just adding new obstacles to overcome. That's why I like games like Mega Man, where every level is different (save for some of the Wily stages), and I love RPG's that throw in things off the beaten path like minigames to break up the monotony, or different ways of beating a boss rather than simply staying alive and beating him down.

Also, I did check out some of your videos on the YouTube page and you mentioned King's Quest and Space Quest. I've played King's Quest and it was a great game, but have you ever played Police Quest? That's one of my all-time favorite computer games.

Flashman85 said...

APN: Well, Super Mario Bros. Crossover is one of the most significant Flash games to come out in recent memory.

I completely agree with your point about the lack of variety--whenever one novel idea comes out, everybody else jumps on the bandwagon with their own spin on things. Plus, I imagine it's easier for people just making a Flash game for fun to focus on just one game mechanic, which really only allows for throwing in more obstacles with each level.

I've played PQII and the VGA remake of PQI. I'm not big into crime shows, but I enjoyed the first game. The second game, though... well, I've got a review of that on GameFAQs, under the alias of Flashman85.

I do own the Police Quest Collection, so I'll tackle III and IV eventually.