Friday, June 18, 2010


Hello. Posting. Me. Now. Uhhh...Sure.

We're gonna try something new today--an Exfanding first, if you will.

I'm going to write a post for today, in real time (sorta, since it's, like, 11:20, and I am SLAMMED with work at the ol' office). So, yeah. You all get to see what happens when Alex has five minutes with which to think, write, and click that orange "publish" button down at the bottom of the Internet.

I, uh, wish you all well. Truly, I do.

Hmmm...lessee. What to write, what to write? I don't want to write about comics, since I think I've gone there plenty in the years.

Am I angry at anything today? Nah, nothing big. Oh, actually! I know exactly what to write about.

Driving to work today, I played an album (remember those, kiddies?) of a band that I discovered in high school, and have come back to several times over the (too many) years since, just not for any considerable length of time.

But, as I was driving to the music of Dispatch, looking out at a glorious (almost) summer day, I couldn't help but think of my senior year in high school, playing baseball and hanging out at night with friends long since forgotten.

We'd play the Dispatch album, Bang Bang, pretty much non-stop.

So as I listened to that album (well, okay, its i-Tunes doppelganer), it just took me back. And I figured I'd share that little story, and the band, with you all. Check out their Web site, and give them a listen.

They describe themselves as a "funk and reggae packed rock band," and I think that's utterly appropriate. Their songs just make me...happy...and I hope they do the same for you.

Especially great are "The General," "Bang Bang," and "Two Coins." I hope you guys dig them as much as I do.

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