Friday, June 4, 2010

Of Hit Posts and Updates, Links Posts and Photos

I have an announcement to make: No, we didn't forget about Firefly.

As you'll all (no doubt) remember, quite a while back, this blog reached the 15,000 hit mark. To celebrate the occassion, Nathaniel was to introduce me to one of his favorite shows, Firefly, created by Joss Whedon.

Somehow, I'd managed to never watch the show, but fear not--I've made great strides to rectify that malfeasance. Malfeasance? Sure. Malfeasance.

Now, while we've long since surpassed that 15,000 hit milestone, fittingly, we are still working on watching all of those episodes of the show. At the moment, we have the final two episodes left to watch, followed by a viewing of Serenity, the movie postscript to the television series.

So don't go spoiling things on me now that I'm finally in the homestretch.

Obviously, we'll do a proper post on the series once we've managed to watch the whole thing, and once I've had the chance to read the supplemantary graphic novels. But I'll say this quickly--I love this show.

More than I loved Buffy? Darn close.

Whedon has a knack for making the viewer care , deeply, for his characters. Probably a little too deeply, actually. And episodes tend to stay with me, long after I've watched them.

But much more on Firefly very soon.

Now that you're all sufficiently updated, on to this week's Friday link. It's a good one, and a stupid one. So you know it'll be funny. If you're in the mood for a ridiciulous laugh, head on over to this site, where "Hilariously Innaccurate Knock-Off Toys"

With hilarity.
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Happy Friday, everyone!

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Anonymous said...

My nephew would LOVE a "Super Robot Transformable Thomas." It is the dream toy of every 3-10 year old boy.

- Neko