Thursday, August 11, 2011

If It's Thursday, It's Link Day

So yesterday my brother sends me an email, and instead of it being one of his typical, complain-y things about the Yankees losing or about the state of the economy, he actually sent along something useful.

Included in the email (past all the complaining) was a link to a website that pretty much whittled my productivity down to zero for the day. Retro Junk is a haven for all things...well, retro.

And nostalgic.

Featuring sections on the '70s, '80s, and '90s, Retro Junk presents pretty much any show or movie from those decades, awaiting your nostalgic revisiting.

Whether you're looking for everything you could possibly want to know about ThunderCats, or for info on that 1980s Disney classic, Mr. Boogedy, or for extensive analysis on Mega Man, Retro Junk is the place for you.

Looking for quotes from that '80s staple, My Pet Monster? Look no further. How about a feature on early '90s PSAs? Retro Junk has you covered.

There's so much stuff on the site that it's easier to say that they have, literally, anything you can think of from those three decades.

As my brother said in his email (again, past all the complaining), it's like the site was made for us. And if it's made for me, then it's made for you, too.

So go check it out already!


zuschzero said...

Did you read that article about the Megaman bosses on Retrojunk?

Some horrible points was given, lol.

Flashman85 said...

I did! Most of them equated to, "This robot master is stupid, because he is dumb."