Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Wedding Themed Post. Also, Zombies.

I'm back today--both to the blog and to reality--after a Big Wedding Weekend. A very close friend got married on Sunday, and it was a great day, start to finish.

Actually, it was a great weekend overall, as even the rehearsal dinner on Saturday was top notch.

It's weird now that I can say I've known certain people for 20 years--it makes me feel old, but also kinda cool. You know, in an old, "I now think lame things are cool" kind of way.

Still, he and I played together pretty much from Little League through high school, and we even became acclaimed coaches at some point along the way. (My definition of "acclaimed" is probably different than yours.)

Anyway, I'm incredibly happy for the couple, and even though they don't read this blog (how dare they), I wish them the very best in their new life together.

Oh, and speaking of weddings. You need to go check out these wedding photos--officially the greatest of all time. And, no. This wasn't the wedding I attended.

Right. Time to go. I miss one day of work, and everything breaks in hilarious, horrifying ways. Back tomorrow with an all-kinda-the-same Waiting for Wednesday.

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