Friday, August 19, 2011

Pick a Post

I've got three posts in mind for today, but I can't seem to commit to one.

I've got wedding stuff on my mind, but anything I'd write would be more for me trying to vent this building panic over being severely behind on a few key things.

I also find myself thinking about what video game to play next, as this is the first time in I can't remember how long that I am not currently playing anything, save for LEGO Batman, which was discussed yesterday. However, half of this week's posts have been about video games, and I like to maintain a little bit of variety when I can.

Lastly, I've got an inkling about how I can get back to writing about comics a little bit more frequently, and while this topic is the most appealing of the three, it's also the least-formed in my mind.

The first thing that occurred to me was to put up a poll about which topic I should write about...tomorrow. Sorry excuse for a filler post, and high chance for failure, given that we tend to get more comments when we don't ask for them. The second thing I considered was writing all three posts at once, combining them into a hilarious mishmash of nonsense, but then I wondered...what would be the point? Lots of probable effort for hopefully funny fluff. Didn't seem like the potential payoff was worth it.

Sometimes I think ideas themselves are better than following them through to a completed work. Maybe that's the delegator in me talking--let the ideas people come up with the ideas, and let the people most qualified for the job go out and apply the ideas. Today, I'm feeling more like an ideas person.

So, I've got wedding planning and new video games and my ongoing comics self-education in mind. I'm open to suggestions...but I won't ask.


JoeReviewer said...

They all sound like such good ideas... but I am a gamer at heart, and your problem is one I often run into after I can't play games for a while for whatever reason. So I guess that's where my vote goes.

Unless you need suggestions on a game to play. In that case, if you're a fan of Kirby, there's a DS (regular, not 3ds) game coming out somewhere between a week ago and next week.

Flashman85 said...

Looks like your vote won me over! And if Amazing Mirror is any fun whatsoever, I'll keep an eye out for other Kirby releases.