Saturday, December 15, 2012

New Twitch.TV Channel!

In anticipation of my possible upcoming all-day Mega Man marathon, I've set up a Twitch.TV account for live streaming video footage of my video game adventures. You can find my channel here:
If all goes well, Monday will be filled with 15+ hours of Mega Man. If all does not go well, I still hope to use the channel for at least a few less-ambitious projects, such as a blind playthrough of Street Fighter X Mega Man, a marathon of the Game Boy Mega Man games (which, for a few reasons, would be much simpler than a marathon of the console games), and probably even something that isn't Mega Man, if you can believe that.

I'll be sure to post updates here on Exfanding when I'm planning something in advance, but you may wish to tune into my GeminiLaser Facebook page, our Exfanding Facebook page, my YouTube channel, or our Twitter...thingy. Whatever it is you call a channel for people on Twitter.

Probably safe to say you won't hear about it on Twitter.


JoeReviewer said...

E-mails also go out whenever you start broadcasting, a strategy I've seen is that some people will play music for half an hour to get the stream going and allow people a bit of notice before things get rolling. Of course those are semi-regular streams where as this is more of a few time thing, but it may still apply.

Also, if this does all work out, around when do you think you'd start? I need to know when to wake up :P

Flashman85 said...

Cool! That's a good idea, though I'm not sure whether I want to get up any earlier to do any pre-marathon music or video. :)

We're looking at an 8 AM EST start time, though past experience suggests it'll be a little later. I'll post an official announcement, like, everywhere, but it LOOKS like this will definitely be happening!

JoeReviewer said...

Awesome! Unfortunately I'll probably miss the first hour or so, I have an exam until 10:00, but after that I'll certainly be there to cheer you on!

Twitch archives this sort of thing, right?