Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Baseball's Last Weekend

Baltimore Orioles' Camden YardsAnother quickie Baltimore Orioles recap before I get down to the nitty-gritty of the actual Con. Take a moment to look at the photo atop this humble little post. You should notice two things immediately. First, Camden Yards is an awesome place. Second, it was dreary and rainy and cloudy as all get-out in Baltimore this past weekend.

The weekend during which I planned on attending (count 'em!) three Orioles games. Well, as I said yesterday, the rain and the threatening Nor'easter had other plans (and, yes, I'm fully aware that Baltimore is not in the northeast...and, yes, I too was confused by such developments).

In any case, here are a couple of photos from the game itself. Below is a pic of Jim Lee (yep, that Jim Lee) throwing out the first pitch at Friday night's game. Mr. Lee was there to promote the following day's Baltimore Comic Con, which, obviously, I attended.

Baltimore Orioles' Camden YardsAnd here are a couple more photos from the game. The first one was taken during batting practice. One thing about that--if you've never gone to a ballpark early to watch the teams take batting practice, then you are definitely missing out on the overall experience. Watching these guys hit is a thing of beauty, and quite frankly, pretty awe-inspiring.

Baltimore Orioles' Camden Yards
This next photo was taken during the game itself.

Baltimore Orioles' Camden Yards
And, finally, a shot of the ballpark from my hotel room, which overlooked Camden Yards! (Take special note of the wonderfully ironic and ever-present rain.)

Baltimore Orioles' Camden YardsLike I said yesterday, just being able to watch the 7 innings of baseball that I got to watch was enough for me. I had a great time at a really cool, intimate ballpark, and I hope to return next year. Preferably on a weekend where the sun makes an appearance, if only for a couple of hours...

But, enough of baseball. Here's what you've all been waiting for (well, probably not, but I need to feed the Ego)--my Baltimore Con Report 2008-style!

And, man oh man, was it a great--huh?

Oh, um, hang on a second will you?--what's that, Nathaniel? There's actual work to be done in the office today? Like, real, paying--

Ah. I see.

Well, um...I guess my Con Report is going to have to wait until later, folks.

Until then...uh...carry on.

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