Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Progress Quest: A computer game so easy, even the dead could play it

Are you bored? Do you have a few minutes (or hours) to kill? Do you just need a very brief distraction? Could you use a laugh right about now?

Good. Download Progress Quest.

Progress Quest logoProgress Quest is a tiny little fantasy roleplaying game that ANYONE can play, and you don't really need to like fantasy or roleplaying at all to enjoy it (though previous exposure greatly enhances the experience). You can literally spend five seconds playing this game and still make progress. I kid you not.

Check out the Info page for Progress Quest (skip the "Back story" section if it gives you a headache), then proceed to the Download page. May you make great progress!

OBLIGATORY DISCLAIMER: I promise you that nothing bad that I know of will happen to your computer because of downloading Progress Quest, but I don't take any responsibility if something does happen. Progress Quest may contain minor references to certain mildly objectionable things. Those are not my fault, either.

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