Sunday, September 14, 2008

OC ReMix: Making a good thing even better

Video game music is more than just filler. Whether it is performed by a full orchestra or blipped and bleeped out by a PC speaker, video game music can be just as touching, thrilling, and rock-awesome as your favorite movie soundtrack.

OverClocked Remix logoTake your favorite video game song, regardless of whether it's from World of Warcraft or from Frogger, and add a killer drumbeat and a wicked guitar solo, or transform it into hypnotic techno, an upbeat jazz piece, or a romantic little piano tune. Think about that. That is OverClocked ReMix.

The stuff you'll hear at OC ReMix is a far cry from a crackling recording of some amateur plucking on a guitar in his parents' basement (though there are a few remixes like that). This is professional-grade stuff, so much so that Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix will be featuring music from some of these remixers.

If you like video game (or computer game) music at all, take a look at the site. Remixes of hundreds upon hundreds of individual songs, and remixes of entire video game soundtracks (including Chrono Trigger, DOOM, Final Fantasy VII, and Super Metroid) are available for FREE download. You can even submit your own!

Check it out:

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