Sunday, October 10, 2010

On Hold

(Elevator music plays ever so softly)

Sorry, folks. No real post today, on account of a couple of things. And they both have to do with yesterday's New York Comic Con. The con was great, but absolutely massive, and walking from anywhere to anywhere was often an exercise in patience and perseverance. Throw in the fact that the Exfanding crew woke up at 5:00 yesterday, and you understand the need for this hastily produced filler post.

Plus, Nathaniel caught the dreaded Con Plague, and was a bit on the side by the end of a very long day.

But fear not, for we shall be back tomorrow with a (real) post, and come Tuesday, we'll have a shiny, snarky, and hilarious full con report for you. Until then, enjoy your Sunday, and take some Vitamin C for Nathaniel.

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