Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Waiting for Wednesday, Volume 2, Issue 42

Hi and welcome to a very special Smoky Mountains Edition of Waiting for Wednesday. I'm down South on business this week, and while I won't be able to grab my comics from the old LCS until Thursday or Friday, I'm more than happy to run down what's actually on that list.

And, as far as milestones go, last week the Exfanding crew attended its very first comics convention, and this week we have our very first "Sitting at the Gate in the Airport, Hoping My Flight's Not Cancelled Because of the Rain" post.

Very exciting.

Now, I'm not what you'd call a good flier, and as such, I've been up for several hours already, imagining all of the Bad Things that can happen to a person on an airplane.

The scenarios I've drawn up in my writer-y head are bad enough, but then throw in the fact that I'm obsessive and a little bit paranoid, and you can imagine that I have a long day ahead of me.

So to keep my mind off all that for the moment, let's talk comics. It's a good week for comics, actually, with quite a bit of new and interesting product on its way from Diamond.

The excellent Brian Wood/Rebekah Isaacs series, Dv8, sees it penultimate issue ship today, and the latest issue of Grant Morrison's Batman and Robin will be on shelves in a few short hours. There's also issue three of the creepy and increasingly intriguing Morning Glories from Image and the first issue of Mark Millar's Kick-Ass Volume 2.

But my real treat this week comes from DC in the form of their annual DCU Halloween Special, a book that is always a guilty pleasure of mine. Sure, some of the stories fall flat, but the great part about the anthology style of the book is that there's always going to be something to love.
And, yes, the stories skew towards the corny, but I think that's what I like about it. Halloween is a fun, corny holiday anyway, so it's a good fit. Here's the solicitation information from DC:

The annual event you've been dying to read is here! The DCU HALLOWEEN SPECIAL returns with a bang, featuring all-star talent and all of your favorite characters! What happens when the DC Universe's premier heroes are thrown together with some of the spookiest heroes and villains? Scares are sure to ensue!

Don't expect to find anything groundbreaking here, but if you're in the mood for a fun, quick book to read while you're sitting on the couch waiting for trick or treaters, this is your best bet.

If you're looking for genuine horror for Halloween, well, I'll run down a list of the best comics and things out there sometime in the next week.

But for today, let's keep going because my battery is dying...

Speaking of horror, the next book on my list comes from Vertigo, and it's the first in their line of "Resurrected" titles. I don't know too much about this book other than what the blurb below says, and the fact that it's listed at a robust $7.99.

Here's what Vertigo has to say about it:

"Shoot," Warren Ellis's much-talked about, but never published story, involving schoolyard killings leads this mega-sized VERTIGO RESURRECTION Special. Also included are rarely seen tales exploring the disturbing depths of horror, war, romance and science fiction by Brian Azzarello, Brian Bolland, Garth Ennis,
Grant Morrison, Jim Lee, Peter Milligan, Bill Willingham, Bernie Wrighston and more!

"Rarely seen" is usually a pretty good synonym for "reprinted material," but in the case of Vertigo especially, "rarely seen" means just that. I don't expect to find anything I've read before in this collection, so I'll be picking it up.
The roster of creators alone makes the book worth my time, and I'm very interested in reading Warren Ellis' story. Of course, this book is certainly not for the kiddies, so be warned that there will likely be some nasty bits. And I mean that in every imaginable way.

Okay, sorry to do this, but I need to cut things short. My anxiety level is increasing--did I mention that I'm a bad flier?--and my battery is about to go. I apologize if this was an incomprehensible mess, but hey, think of it as an episode of In Treatment, and feel free to mock my (crippling) fear of flying (and airports) in the comments.

Before I go on my crazy way, though, one question--what are you Waiting for?


Scott said...

Might want to keep an eye out for Scott Millar's Superior, about a boy with Multiple Sclerosis who gets a simple wish. It's pretty good so far.

AJG said...

Yes--I picked this up, too, actually. Haven't read it yet, but hopefully this weekend.