Friday, October 1, 2010

Month in Review: September 2010

And lo, time has come once again for Alex to write a Month in Review post, a task assigned to him but once every year. 'Tis a great honor, and one that I plan to completely mess up about halfway through the post.

Alas, I will try my best...

This month featured some great posts by Nathaniel, and my Year of Mediocrity continued, slowly, steadily, and most importantly, consistently. Let's have a look at what we forced you all to read this month.

-I presented the first (and, being that I've since completely forgotten about it, most likely last) Things You Should Be Doing post. Which went over like the opposite of gangbusters, in case you were wondering.

-A reminder to not go to work in the United States.

-Nathaniel's coming to terms with becoming an overnight celebrity.

-An assortment of random, hilarious, and musical links posts.

-Issues 36, 37, 38, and 39 in my weekly therapy session, Waiting for Wednesday.

-Nathaniel's post about his curmudgeonly-ness when it comes to video games.

-An all-too-rare baseball post, talking about the weirdness of the 2010 season; specifically the umpiring blunders throughout the year.

-A kind of anxious/nervous/excited heads-up that The Dark Tower will be coming to TV and theaters.

-Our best poll ever, this time posing that time-honored question: which is the greatest desert?

-In a post about movie and video game sequels, Nathaniel poses the question: Is there no such thing as timeless appeal anymore?

-A review of three Super Hits albums--by Blue Öyster Cult, Toto, and Men at Work, respectively--found at super-cheap prices.

-A public service announcement to remind Exfanding Nation to talk like a pirate on September 19.

-Two posts recapping my annual trip to Baltimore.

-A trifecta of posts about Nathaniel's latest video game obsession...uh, I mean passion. In the first post, Nathaniel expresses his surprise at sitting down and playing through Metroid: Other M, at the cost of ignoring almost all his other games. Which was followed, soon after, by a quasi-post announcing the game's completion. And, finally, a third post served as the Official Exfanding Review of the game.

-A quick post about getting new readers into comics.

-A thoughtful post on the role of critics, and about getting older, and...well, okay. It's really about not liking modern video games. But it is thoughtful.

-An ode to movie legend Bruce Campbell.

[Nathaniel's note: Remember, kiddos, it's October 1st! Don't forget to celebrate The END DAY by playing Crystalis! Or a monster will eat you!]

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