Sunday, June 19, 2011

Comic Book Weekend, Part 2 (But Not for Alex)

And here we are again; another comic book movie premiere weekend.

However, instead of sitting in a nice, air conditioned theater watching Green Lantern or even X-Men: First Class (which I hear is quite good), I'll be editing pages and ripping up a tile floor.

Probably not in that order. And possibly not at the same time. Although, one of the books is on tiling, so, really...


Okay, fine. Maybe. We'll see how things go.

But that's not the important thing. The important thing is that I won't be at the movie theater, watching Hal Jordan punch Sinestro in the face. And I won't be X-Men in school. Or something.

What I will be doing, however (you know, besides ripping up that darn tile floor and editing those pages), is ordering sushi. Which I'll be doing in just a little bit, actually.

And I'll enjoy that sushi because, apparently, weekends are for doing things that you enjoy.

So in that spirit, I suggest you all go out (or stay in) and do something you enjoy doing. Especially you, Nathaniel.

Happy Sunday, everyone.

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