Friday, June 24, 2011

Remembering Gene Colan

Unfortunately, I have some sad news to relay today. It's been reported that legendary comics illustrator Gene Colan has passed away.

Mr. Colan is best known for his lush, moody pencils and his work on Daredevil and on one of comics' most memorable runs--the classic 70-issue Marvel title, Tomb of Dracula.

My favorite work of his is probably in Tomb of Dracula, but I have a real soft spot for his and Steve Gerber's incredible Howard the Duck series.

He also had a long stint at DC wherein he worked on--what else?--the Batman books. I'm fortunate enough to own a page from his Detective Comics run, and it's one that I never plan on parting with.
When I got into comics, I was well past the prime output of Colan's work, but I still remember seeing interiors from Tomb of Dracula on an original art dealer's website. I was so taken aback by the creepy, atmospheric art that I went out and bought as many of the collections as I could get my hands on.

I was lucky enough to meet Mr. Colan way back at the first New York Comic Con, and I am so glad that I had the opportunity to say hi, and to thank him for all he's done.

He was so nice, so polite. And even though I only spoke with him a few minutes, I could just tell that he was a nice man. Friendly, happy, and gracious.

After talking with him for a bit, he signed my sketchbook. I was sad to hear the news that he'd passed away, and I'm very glad I was able to say thank you when he was still with us.

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