Friday, June 17, 2011

Fetch Me a Background

I need a new desktop background. You've probably got a decent idea of the stuff I'm interested in, if you've been following the blog for any length of time.

Any ideas?


Brandon said...

To avoid saying Mega Man (you know you were expecting it!), I'd say a Star Trek one, a Superman one or a Space Quest one!

Brandon said...

Just throwing some I found at ya, Mr. Hoover

Star Trek:


Space Quest:

Phoenix Wright (NOT THE HOBO ONE!):

zuschzero said...

My desktop theme is the japanese box-art of Mega Man 4, looks very cool.

Flashman85 said...

Thanks for the ideas! I actually settled on a background I forgot I had created when Mega Man 9 came out; it's one big boss selection screen using all the mugshots from MM1-9, and it's actually pretty cool. I can post a link if anyone's interested.

Brandon: I've had plenty of Star Trek backgrounds, but I've got a lot of Star Trek on display nowadays, so something different is fine by me. Space Quest can be fun, but my tendency to immediately think of some of the horrifyingly gross deaths makes me a little less likely to go that route. The Portal one is solid, and if I were more of a PW fan, that last suggestion could be fun.

zuschzero: It does look very cool; I'm particularly fond of that one. The trouble is that I've got a widescreen monitor, so I need to get creative about filling that space (for fear of stretching the picture too far)!