Thursday, June 30, 2011

Month in Review: June 2011

We've had months filled with variety before, but in this blogger's opinion, June contained one of the best blends of content and style we've ever had. We explained, philosophized, reported the news, waxed nostalgic, told stories, and asked readers for help. Post lengths ranged from barely over a paragraph to longer than every post we wrote in the first month of this blog combined. We had a genuine investment in each of the topics we discussed, to the point where even the filler posts were earnest, heartfelt blurbs about things we wanted to share.

We're happy to share these posts from June with you again, or for the first time, as the case may be:

- Alex's cathartically off-topic weekly comics news column, Waiting for Wednesday, Volume 3, Issues 22-26, covering DC's Flashpoint storyline, an impending trip to Las Vegas, The Li'l Depressed Boy, Death of Spider-Man, and the return of The Goon.

- A recap of my May contributions to videogame humor website

- Thoughts about the impact of DC Comics' plan to renumber the universe

- A list of possibilities for a Saturday to oneself

- An explanation of why Alex could be the poster child of pain and illness

- Anticipation of a summer of comics

- A reflection on being a retro gamer, part two

- Genghis Khan, Marriage Counselor (the name really says it all)

- Excitement over plans to see a Paul McCartney concert, and the insightful tale of the concert itself

- A massively comprehensive viewer's guide to Star Trek: The Original Series and its animated and feature film follow-ups, plus an explanation of what prompted me to write the post

- A link to a story about embarrassing your children with hilarious costumes

- A positive spin Duke Nukem Forever, the game people waited fifteen years to be disappointed by

- Observations about the home I am leaving behind, made during a long walk home

- A request for a new desktop background

- News of Free RPG Day!

- A note about Alex missing out on new comic book movies

- An Eddie Murphy-inspired theory proposing that you can judge a movie by its poster

- A review of the new, digital face of Wizard Magazine

- A bit of muckraking regarding Swamp Thing (alternately, a review)

- A farewell to legendary comics illustrator Gene Colan

- A message from Dr. Light

- An opinion piece on how our expectations affect our happiness

- A review of TrollHunter, the Norwegian thriller film

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