Monday, July 18, 2011

San Diego Comic Con Week: 2011 Edition

And here we are again--it's Monday of the year's biggest comic book week. Starting in just a couple of days, Comic Con International will once again descend upon San Diego, and the entire geek world will have its eyes squarely focused on every bit of minutia the convention spews forth.

But before the madness begins, we get to read Tweets from important comic book-type people, telling us all about their pre-San Diego preparations.

A week in sunny San Diego sounds nice and all, but I think I'd rather live vicariously through the Internet, and just read about all the goings on at the show.

Too many people, too much happening at the same time.

I'll take my chances at a smaller show, thanks, and I'll happily read about San Diego from the safety of my cubicle.

Speaking of living vicariously, today I wanted to share a link to a wonderful Comic Con story from Grant Morrison. It's about the time he met Superman.


Go check it out, right here at the Hero Complex website.

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