Friday, July 1, 2011

GameCola Recap: June 2011

It seems that three is truly the magic number, because I once again had three contributions to offer to videogame humor website in the month of June. In a shocking twist, I beat all my fellow staff members to the punch (just barely) with a report of actual, real, current videogame news. However, my other two offerings serve as a reminder not to expect that to happen again--irrelevant coverage of some old YouTube podcast videos, and a trial installment of a column exploring the GameCola archives that was alluded to in a previous post.

I'm pleased with what I've written, but initial feedback suggests that others weren't as amused. Maybe you can help me salvage my reputation (assuming there's anything to salvage)?


- The Archive Dive: April 2002


- Telltale Games' 75% Off Sale!


- GC Podcast #20 on YouTube: Something New

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