Sunday, July 31, 2011

Month in Review: July 2011

With our personal lives being characterized by change, loss, and transition, July was unsurprisingly a month of the unexpected. We touched on fandoms we've rarely or never discussed, we reacted to the strange events unfolding around us, and I ended up writing for entire last week of the month, with the aid of a first-time guest poster.

See for yourself how varied and surprising July was:

- A recap of my contributions to videogame humor website in both June and July, along with a note that GameCola is looking for new writers

- A review of the game-changing Ultimate Spider Man #160

- A public service announcement about S.978, the Bill that would purportedly destroy the world

- A celebration of Independence Day

- The amateur's guide to displaying collectibles, a post that I started over a year before, but never took the time to finish

- Alex's personal journal and occasional comics news corner, Waiting for Wednesday, Volume 3, Issues 27-29, discussing the bitter aftermath of chasing a dream, The Dark Knight Rises, and a farewell to Borders, plus a special edition where I hijack Alex's column

- Rumination on being a community of one

- Notes about the San Diego Comic-Con discussing absurd protests, the time writer Grant Morrison met Superman, and feeling left out

- Alex talks about growing up with professional wrestling

- A ridiculous statistic-laden celebration of 1001 posts

- The tale of Alex's first foray into the depths of Middle Earth

- A trio of moving-related posts: packing the boxes, moving the boxes, and unpacking the boxes

- A story about breaking the law for the sake of baseball

- A spotlight on the hilariously quirky television show It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

- Praise for the Baltimore Comic-Con and accompanying artwork

- An internal debate about whether or not I'm a serious Harry Potter fan

- A list of things to look forward to

- Free, handcrafted video game wallpapers by yours truly

- A quick update about posting

- Reflections on my time-consuming creative process

- A guest post regarding the ups and downs of the Dragon Age computer game series

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