Sunday, October 2, 2011

Flowcharts Make Things Better

Being that it's Sunday and I'm tired from a long week of...utterly boring and predictable weekday things...I'd say it's fine time for a quick Sunday Link Post.

And what a Sunday Link Post it is. Really. It is. And to prove that, I'll give you the hard sell on it right now. Okay, here I go:

Interested when Nathaniel and I prattle on about books in the fantasy and science fiction genres that we've read, or at least, we've attempted to read? You know, things like Sandman, and The Name of the Wind, and The Lord of the Rings?

Are you new to either (or both!) of those genres and you're looking for a good place to start? No worries, because Exfanding Your Horizons is here to help. Not directly, of course. And certainly not by doing any work on our end. No, no. That's time-consuming and like I said, I'm tired and it's Sunday.

Luckily, the nice folks over at SF Signal are here to help. They've taken NPR's recent list of the 100 greatest sci-fi and fantasy books and created an easy-to-use flowchart designed to help new readers choose the best place to start.
Like I said--they've done all the work. All you have to do now is head on over to SF Signal and get started. Go on--they deserve your patronage. Just be sure to head back over here tomorrow for the start of another all-new, all-exciting week of posting from the Bearded One and me.

You know, when he eventually stops playing Crystalis...

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