Saturday, October 15, 2011

Hello from La La Land

So, yeah. New York Comic Con. Kind of a big deal. Yesterday (that's Friday, I think), while not sold out, still managed to pack quite a punch of people. Today? Well, today is sold out. Not a ticket remains. No room at the inn. People in every direction.

I can't even imagine.

There were times yesterday where I was crammed in an aisle, walking (more like shuffling, really) shoulder to shoulder with a whole mess of humanity. Mass of humanity? Mess. Mess of humanity; I'll go with that.

In addition to getting a slew of artwork--pretty much all of my pieces were purchased before the show started, a practice I will use again next year--I had the unique opportunity to attend this year's NYCC as an exhibitor. I helped a friend of mine unload and set up his small press booth and I even got to man that booth while he took a break.

It's an interesting experience, exhibiting at a comic con. Exhibiting at one the size of NYCC is even more of an interesting experience.

And let me tell you--it's tough to be a small press publisher at any show--but at the (second) biggest show on the planet? It's brutal. I sat behind the table and watched as people eyed up the goods--the comics and prints available at the table--and maybe even stopped to chat or grab a piece of candy from the bowl we put out.

And then I watched a whole lot of them walk on by and do the same thing to a number of other booths in the aisle.

Stop, maybe say hi, definitely grab some free candy, and then walk away. I certainly can't blame anyone for not spending money--especially considering ticket prices and NYC parking and restaurant pricing.

But at least flip through the books if you're gonna take the candy, ya know?

Anyway, if you're going to the show today or tomorrow, have an amazing time and (try to) see everything you want to see. You probably (absolutely, 100%) won't get to everything, and there are going to be lots and lots of people. But enjoy it, because this year especially, this show is proving itself as THE place to be in the comics industry.

There's a different feeling about the show now--and I heard quite a few people compare it to San Diego both in terms of location size, attendance, and importance within the industry.

Oh, and be sure to stop by the small press booths (on the way to the incredible Artists' Alley) and flip through a few books by people you've never heard of. It's good for the soul.

Have fun out there, Exfanders.

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