Monday, October 10, 2011

Something Wacky This Way Comes

This weekend I decided to officially kick off the Halloween Season by sitting down to watch Something Wicked This Way Comes, the 1980s Disney film adapted from Ray Bradbury's classic American novel.

In the film--and, obviously, in the novel--a weird and mysterious carnival comes to a small town and enraptures the denizens of said small town.

While I was lost in that film--one that was shown to me for the first time in a middle school English class, many years ago--I couldn't help but think of comparisons to something that will be happening to New York City later this week.

Just as the arrival of the strange Mr. Dark whipped townsfolk into a frenzy in Something Wicked, come Thursday New York Comic Con will have much the same effect on New Yorkers.

The Weird and Mysterious comic convention--second only to San Diego in terms of size and scope--will blow into the City that Never Sleeps and take it over completely for four days of wacky, weird, and wonderful.

And, as always, Exfanding will be there to cover it all!

Well, okay, so maybe we won't be there for the whole thing. Um. Nor will we be "covering" what's going on in any journalistic sense. We'll mostly be, um, shopping and gawking at things.


But we'll be there. Oh, yes, we'll be there.

And I'd say come by and see us, but we'll be wandering around aimlessly with no real command station, booth, or table. Plus, Nathaniel and I might be going to the show on two different days. Which would be like meeting Laurel without the Hardy, really.

And there will be about 85,000 other people there, so really, the chances of you finding either of us is pretty slim. Heck, the chances of me finding Nathaniel (if we're there on the same day, of course) will be pretty slim.

And I can spot that beard from space.

Anydigression, if you're in town and you like comics, anime, and/or general dorky wacky, I'm gonna go ahead and assume that you'll be there. And if you are going to be there, please feel free to drop us a line--either at our email addresses listed to the right or in the comments section below--and let us know what's got you all hopped up on the nerd gas.

I'm sure we'll have some kind of recap and/or attempt at something as the con is moving along and I'm willing to bet it'll be charming, classy, and hilarious.

So stay tuned, have fun, and for the love of Galactus keep that stack of books for Brian Bendis to sign at somewhere around...oh, say one.

Or two.

Let's say two.

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