Sunday, October 16, 2011

NYCC Intermission

You're gonna have to excuse us for today, folks. I'm busy recovering from the madness that was New York Comic Con and Nathaniel is busy experiencing more of said madness as the show wraps up Day Three this afternoon.

Obviously, there's plenty to talk about in regards to this show and we'll be sure to cover it all at some point this week.

Right now, though, I'm busy catching up on the work I didn't do on Friday in order to attend the show. I'm doing so with my feet up and a strong cup of coffee in hand.

I'm also having flashbacks to walls of people, packed panel rooms, the best Artists' Alley on the planet, and a really good time at what has become the premiere con on the East Coast.

So I'll say so long for now but expect plenty of con recapping in the very near future. Happy Sunday, everyone.

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