Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Retrospective Conventioning

It's inevitable that two busy bloggers such as Alex and myself will get caught up with filler posts for the first few days following a convention weekend, but as I'm looking back at previous posts about conventions, I'm seeing a lot of striking contrasts and alarming comparisons to what transpired at the New York Comic-Con / Anime Festival this year. There's more than enough joy to share, but I get the distinct feeling that our upcoming recap is going to be far more contemplative than story-driven. We'll share pictures and tell our tales, but don't be surprised when we start putting this year's convention alongside previous ones in order to examine the trends and revelations in our conventioning experiences.

That being said, if you missed them the first time around or wouldn't mind a refresher, consider taking a peek at our convention stories from the last few years. They're beefy, and a few of them might take a little while to get rolling, but they tie in quite well with what we've got planned for later in the week. Even when they're totally unrelated, our convention stories are often some of the funniest and most worthwhile posts of the year (as evidenced by the fact that a few of these were mentioned in our "Best of Exfanding" Year in Review posts).

If you're new to the convention scene, check out Alex's introduction to conventions, and/or jump right into one of these:

- New York Comic-Con / Anime Festival 2010 (Alex and Nathaniel)

- PAX East Video Game Convention 2010 (Nathaniel)

- Boston Comic-Con 2010 (Alex)

- BookExpo 2010 (Alex)

- BookExpo 2009 (Alex)

- New York Anime Festival 2009 (Guest post by neko-chan)

- Connecticut Renaissance Faire 2008 (Nathaniel)

- Baltimore Comic-Con 2008 (Alex)

- Otakon Anime Convention 2008 (Nathaniel)

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