Thursday, May 3, 2012

Recreational Thursday

I'd like to use today's post to show off a bit. Also, to showcase some unsung talent.

I met the Fraim Brothers a few years back at the excellent Baltimore Comic Con. They were set up in Artists’ Alley, which is where you’ll find them at a great many conventions throughout the year. Offering up highly detailed commissions at low prices, Brendon and Brian Fraim are definitely artists’ artists.

Over the past couple of years, I’ve purchased several pinups and commissions from the brothers, but the latest one—a recreation of my favorite comic book cover of all time—takes the cake.

It’s a full-on recreation of Batman, issue 227, which was originally drawn by the legendary Neal Adams. Here’s the original comic cover:
As you can see, the Fraims definitely captured the essence of the Adams, which is quite the feat.

You can check out more of the brothers’ work at their website, and you can order your very own Fraim masterpiece right here! 

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