Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Month in Review: April 2012

What a month. One day we're longwinded and thoughtful; the next day we've barely got enough time to see that our three-sentence post didn't go up on time as scheduled. With work and personal commitments occupying more of the month than usual, and with a number of technological changes throwing us for a loop, April was, to put it scientifically, all over the place. Yet despite a glut of quick blurbs and filler posts, we were able to write some nicely detailed reviews and not one but two ongoing stories of fandom. Hoo-hah.

- Sunday Spotlight on Airplane II: The Sequel, Cadbury Creme Eggs, Diamond Select's Star Trek II Phaser, free time, and "the customer is always right"

- A guest post highlighting a few April Fools' jokes on the Internet this year

- Waiting for Wednesday with a focus on Avengers vs. X-Men, online criticism, Courtney Crumrin, and going to the comics shop

- Drawing some attention to all the non-Mega Man videos featured on my YouTube channel

- Lamentations of comics withdrawal

- A filler post,

- A review of the underwhelming Avengers vs. X-Men, Issue 1

- The first and only time I have been truly angry on this blog

- A behind-the-scenes look at crafting a Dungeons & Dragons adventure, parts one, two, three, and four

- A behind-the-scenes look at self-publishing a children's book, parts one, two, three, and four

- A celebration of videogame humor website GameCola.net's ten-hour tenth anniversary podcast,

- A positive review of the highly accessible New 52 Batman comics

- Ruminations on the irony of writing for a living

- Snazzy Metroid-themed wallpaper I assembled myself

- Alex does something for YouTube for a change

- A recap of my contributions to GameCola in April

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