Tuesday, June 19, 2012

And Then the Weekend Happened ... Kinda

Yep. I forgot to have a post ready for today. And, now that it's 3:30 ... well, you know how it goes. I have a pretty decent excuse this time, though.

I ... did not have a weekend this weekend. Instead, I worked straight through, and got home Monday morning at 2:00 AM. Sound crazy? Sure it does, because it is.

My next couple of weeks are going to be in a similar vein of crazy, and the points Nathaniel brought up the other day about the issues we're having keeping on point here are especially valid.

For the record, I do not want to stop the blog. And, if we can at all manage it, I'd love to keep a daily schedule. Now, you know full well what's coming next, don't ya? For the first time since we started all this, I'm getting the feeling that we may not be able to keep up that pace anymore.

My schedule is always changing, and, honestly, being able to sit down and write a blog post every other day just isn't feasible for the near future. Once I get through these next couple of weeks, maybe things will lighten up, but I just don't think so.

Personally, if the choice is to stop blogging or to blog at a decent rate, when we have time (and something to write about), I'd much rather post up something of substance instead of something fluffy.

Though, to be honest, sometimes fluffy is good.

I really can't imagine not having the blog, so I'm not even going to think about that. For now, Nathaniel and I will try to figure out what we're gonna do. Hang tight, Exfanders. We're working on it! 

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