Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Waiting for Wednesday, Volume 4, Issue 23

This isn't a spoiler, I promise.

It's kind of a big media week in comics, as one of the classic DC superheroes will come out of the closet and a time-honored classic of the medium will get a series of new prequels.

Alan Scott, the Golden Age Green Lantern, is revealed to be gay in today's issue of Earth 2, one of The New 52 titles. As expected, speculators have picked clean the shelves and it'll be a bit of an uphill battle to actually find this issue.

Which, of course, is ridiculous. I've written about speculators before, and my feelings on those lowest of lifeforms has not since changed. I know in one local shop, "customers" came in and cleared out all 25 issues the store ordered first thing in the morning.

One guy even bought 10 copies. eBay, much?


And, oh, yeah. That whole Before Watchmen thing starts today, too. But I'm sure that won't create any Internet fervor. Nah. Couldn't possibly.

Now, while sarcasm is fun, it's also usually rooted in underlying truth. Everyone is going to hate on the new series of titles ... mostly just because.

Oh, comic book culture, how I love thee.

And with that, we wrap up yet another insanely late post. But before we do, what are you Waiting for?


JoeReviewer said...

Man dude, I know how you feel about these nay-sayers for the sake of nay-saying. Similar boat here, not particularly fond of the Nintendo crowd 'round these parts. E3 came around and it seems everyone is picking on Nintendo. It's expected from your basic other company naysayers, but it seems even those who usually support Nintendo, even against the odds, are leaving them out in the cold. I can understand being somewhat disappointed by the conference at worst, but people are acting like Nintendo downright insulted them. Makes ya feel kinda alone, and makes ya feel like maybe you should be mad at them.

So what am I Waiting for? A ray of hope in the populations of both our fandoms. Here's to the chance of like-minded people in both comics and video games.

AJG said...

Amen to that, Joe, though I fear it's easier said than done.

I think the biggest deterrent when it comes to levelheadedness in fandoms is this innate feeling of ownership that fans tend to possess.

On the one hand, it's great to be passionate about something you love, but on the other, as fans, we have to allow for creators to put their own spins on things. This is especially so in comics, where every minor change is followed up with Internet ramblings of DOOM for the industry!

Someday we'll get there, though...right?