Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Waiting for Wednesday, Volume 4, Issue 25

Well, I'm off to the golf course. Not to play, mind you, as that would be a bad idea. No, no, today, I'm heading out to a PGA Pro-Am event to cover Booker T, one of WWE's wrestlers who will be playing in the charity event.

So there will be no trip to the local comics shop today, but that's okay, because I'm looking forward to the golf event, even though it'll be near 100 degrees today with the heat index (whatever that is).

It's funny; all the local news channels are talking about how hot it's gonna be and how summer has arrived and what precautions you can take against the heat. I'm assuming one of those precautions is, "Don't carry camera bags around for 18 holes of gold on a shadeless course."

That's probably an Unwritten Rule of 100-degree days, though.

So, while I'm out there doing my best not to succumb to heatstroke, you enjoy your air-conditioned comic book store. And while you're there, consider picking up a book from Image Comics called Mind the Gap. Issue number two comes out this week, but you should be able to find copies of issue one.

It's the story of a young woman who has mysteriously been attacked and falls into a coma. The first issue introduces her friends and family and does a good job of establishing a mysterious external threat. The dialogue is snappy and it sounds like the way people talk; the art is great and expressive; and most important, the story has me ready for more.

There was a strange shipping glitch to some stores last week, so the bulk of comics shops should be getting their copies of issue two today. Be sure to check it out.

Okay, I'm off on the road. Wish me luck, Exfanders. But, before I go ... what are you Waiting for?

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