Saturday, November 1, 2008

Month in Review: October 2008

If you experienced any Internet shortages during the month of October, it was no doubt due to the fact that our blog was receiving several hundred hits, and the Internet was incapable of handling our popularity.

Anygoober, here's what you may have missed in October 2008:

- A review of Crystalis, a video game that I claim is better than The Legend of Zelda

- Alex's report on his trip to Comic Con, the Baltimore comics convention, Part One and Part Two

- My story about how I'm just now getting into comics

- A comics-oriented interview with Gary Hochreiter, one of our occasional guest contributors

- A comprehensive introduction to anime, complete with tips for newcomers and several recommended movies and shows, listed by genre

- A post on amusing mistranslations, including a story from yours truly and an explanation of the All Your Base Are Belong To Us phenomenon.

- Alex's post on things that annoy him, and my counter-post on things that don't annoy me.

- A discussion about the sheer amount of stuff available for comics fans to read

- A thorough introduction to the early years of Transformers, both in action figure and cartoon format

- A discussion about how comics distributor Diamond is making life tough for local comics shops, and its follow-up discussion

- An extremely brief plug for Beneath the Screen for any roleplaying fans

- A very brief plug for Racketboy for any video game fans

- You Have To Burn The Rope. Really. You do.

- My report on the Connecticut Renaissance Faire

- A crash course on the entire Indiana Jones franchise, which includes way more than just the movies

- An update on my foray into the realm of comics

- Reviews of a few vampire- and Halloween-related books

Following the little-publicized national trend of electing a President every four years, we staged a Fake Election of our own, giving an overview of these six candidates:

- Slappy McIntrye, the candidate least likely to be found elsewhere on the Internet

- James T. Kirk, legendary starship captain from Star Trek

- Super Mario, Nintendo video game icon

- The Tarrasque, an iconic and terrible monster from Dungeons & Dragons (and, incidentally, from French legend)

- Captain America, deceased patriotic superhero

- Zombie Abe Lincoln, reanimated former President, who did, in fact, declare himself to be a zombie, in case you think we're making this stuff up

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