Sunday, November 23, 2008

Weebl and Bob: Ridiculous lowbrow comedy

Weebl & Bob collage of charactersI believe you need a bit of patience and an appreciation of one or more of the following to enjoy Weebl and Bob: silliness, British humour, catchy music, and jokes about bodily functions and certain notable body parts.

The more of these three you appreciate, the more you will likely enjoy and laugh at Weebl and Bob, a long-running series of short Flash animations featuring two anthropomorphic egg-shaped creatures (Weebl and Bob) who crave pie and often embark on ridiculous ventures to (unsuccessfully) obtain and eat pie.

Like Homestar Runner, Weebl and Bob has a large cast of supporting characters, ranging from a well-spoken monkey to a hallucinogenic banana to Chris the Ninja-Pirate.

This all sounds completely ridiculous out of context, but when viewed in context... it's just as ridiculous.

I say that the best way to get into the series is to start with the first episode and to watch everything in chronological order, or at least the first five or ten episodes before skipping ahead.

However, if that doesn't suit you, allow me to suggest a few episodes that you can jump right into; just be warned that you very well might be offended, disgusted, or tickled pink by what you'll see if you watch long enough:

- "pikea," in which Weebl and Bob attempt to visit PIKEA (parody of IKEA)

- "Raiders of the Lost Goo,"a parody of Raiders of the Lost Ark made in association with the Cadbury Creme Egg folks

- "snails," in which Weebl and Bob check out snail racing

- "satire" and "rally," which make light of the 2008 Presidential election

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