Monday, November 3, 2008

Poll Position

Yet another reminder/request to vote in our poll for Fake President before midnight tomorrow. Make some friends, and then tell all of them to vote!

The more votes we receive, the better our upcoming new banner will be. If it looks like junk, it's because not enough people voted; we'll blame you forever, or until we make a newer banner, whichever happens first.

Based on the current number of votes, our new banner will be a picture of the Hulk next to the words EXFANDING YOUR HORIZONS: BRUCE BANNER written in a hideously colored and nonsensical font, perhaps Wingdings.

Please vote.

Also, as my own public service announcement, make sure to show up to vote for Real President tomorrow. I'll spare you my diatribe on this issue, but vote according to your convictions, not your party affiliation. That's all.

The winner of our Fake Election will be officially announced at some point on Wednesday. Our regular Poll of the Week will resume on Friday, and we will resume posting our usual fare on Thursday. With any luck, circumstances will soon be such that we will be able to start bringing you longer, more detailed posts once again.

In the meantime... go bake a pie or something.

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