Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day!

Last chance for voting on our poll for Fake President! Vote before midnight tonight, or else you'll turn into a pumpkin.

Tomorrow we'll give you a full news report of the results of our election. Then we'll return to business as usual. For a while.

Once again, here are our candidates:

Slappy McIntyre
James T. Kirk
Super Mario
The Tarrasque
Captain America (Deceased)
Zombie Abe Lincoln

And, in case you've missed out, review our Month in Review if you wanted to see all the other things we've been up to that aren't related to politics. (Well, some of them are...)

Vote for Fake President, and vote for Real President. Waiting and voting took me about 45 minutes, so bring a book, Game Boy, or court jester to entertain you. From what I've heard, the biggest deciding factor in how long it's going to take to vote is the organization of the people running the polling location, but those reports could be false.

Anyhow, everybody go out and vote so we can stop telling you to.

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