Monday, December 22, 2008

2000 Hits!

Funny D&D artAlright, folks. Now you've really done it.

We've reached 2000 hits.

And to think that Alex and I had a running bet concerning whether or not we'd make it to 1000 hits by the end of the year!

Admittedly, some of this is Alex's fault. The bungling knave accessed the blog on several occasions without the use of a hit-blocking cookie. So I'm just pretending that those extra hits were from people who were daydreaming about looking at our blog, a no-doubt regular occurrence that in most cases does not register on our hit counter.

Now that we seem to have established something resembling a fan base (or else we have one dedicated patron who visits the blog once for each point the stock market falls that day), the days of betting on if we'll make it to X amount of hits before we get voted off the Internet are over.

But we still need to do something to celebrate these markers of our ever-growing status as an unstoppable juggernaut of popularity.

Thus, we have decided that for every one-to-two thousand hits we get, one of us gets to expose the other to a fandom that he would otherwise never approach.

For 1000 hits, Alex sat down and watched Star Wars: Episode IV, and he will be watching Episode V around this time next week. As his retribution, for 2000 hits, I will be reading The Goon.

I'm already brewing ideas about what I'll force Alex into next. (Karaoke? Jai-alai? Seppuku?)

This oughta be fun.

We'll return tomorrow with the exciting conclusion to Alex's saga about him vs. the comics industry (Y'hear that, Alex? It's gotta be exciting now, or else you'll have made me into a fibber). Also, we plan to continue posting at a regular rate all throughout the rest of the holiday season, with as few absences as we can manage.

[Subliminal message: The only gift you need on Christmas Day is a visit to our blog.]

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