Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Holiday Whosits and Whatsies

Just a quick (but incredibly important!) holiday advisory for all you Exfanding Fanatics out there: hold off on your holiday lists and shopping, because, starting this week, we will do our best to make this hectic season just a wee bit easier on you.

Are you a comics, sci-fi (or whatever) geek? Well, of course you are, or to say this, but you're really wasting your time reading this blog if you're not or don't want to be. In any case, if you're like me, then you (yes you!) are incredibly difficult to shop for. And, most likely, kind of annoying around this time of the year (yes you!).

Just as a fer instance: My typical gift rundown from family and/or friends goes something like this--DC or Marvel coffee table book, a DVD or three I already own, and, because someone "saw it and knew I would love it," The DC Comics Guide to Writing Comics. Which is a terrific book, by the way.

But, since I get at least one each Christmas, uh...yeah. Actually, two years ago, I got three of them.


Now, I'm sure each of you has had a similar experience, because, let's face it, we are hard to shop for. If you're not immersed in fan culture, then it is quite difficult to buy a fun, relevant gift for someone who is.

Immersed in fan culture, that is.

So, in the coming days, we'll be providing you with ideas--both for giving and for receiving dorky presents in a segment we'd like to call (drum roll, please)...

Gifts for Geeks: Holiday Handouts for Fledgling Fans and Diehard Devotees

Catchy? Kinda.

Self-serving? Absolutely!

In addition to providing some cool (well, OK maybe "cool" isn't the best choice of words here) gifts for geeks, we'll also have a guide for things within your geekdom that you (the geek) can give to non-geeks that won't make those people want to scream.

We'll be back tomorrow with Part the First. Meanwhile, feel free to leave your comments here if there are any particular hobbies or fandoms you'd like us to focus on.

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