Saturday, December 27, 2008

Exfanding Review: The Very Best of Aerosmith: Devil's Got a New Disguise

The band Aerosmith, like Cheez Whiz, I have always enjoyed but never really thought about keeping around the house. Not that I would ever think of keeping each member of Aerosmith around my house, mind you, except when they are processed into a squeezable bottle. Wait, no--I mean, flattened into a space-efficient compact disc.

Yes, that's much better.

If it's not obvious already, I'm a little tired right now. Christmas festivities and writing posts in advance and whatnot. But enough about me. We're talking about... well, actually, I guess we are talking about me.

You see, I like basically every song of theirs that I've ever heard... just not enough to go out and buy a bunch of their CDs to have them all. But at the same time, I liked them too much to exclude them from my vaguely elite CD collection. Which is why, for Christmas, I asked for The Very Best of Aerosmith: Devil's Got a New Disguise.

The Very Best of Aerosmith: Devil's Got a New Disguise CD caseTrippy, no?

Said CD contains almost every Aerosmith song I can think of that I've ever heard a radio station play, and then a few more. Here's the complete track list, for all you would-be buyers:

1. Dream On
2. Mama Kin
3. Sweet Emotion
4. Back in the Saddle
5. Last Child
6. Walk This Way (by Run-DMC with Steven Tyler and Joe Perry)
7. Dude (Looks Like a Lady)
8. Rag Doll
9. Love in an Elevator
10. Janie's Got a Gun
11. What it Takes
12. Crazy
13. Livin' on the Edge
14. Cryin'
15. I Don't Want to Miss a Thing
16. Jaded
17. Sedona Sunrise
18. Devil's Got a New Disguise

This album's got one hit after another, with music you've probably heard on the radio or in crucial pieces of American cinema such as Armageddon and Mrs. Doubtfire. The only things missing are their cover of "Come Together" and the original version of "Walk This Way," but I can forgive that because I've walked that way almost too many times.

Whatever that means.

As a bonus for buying a hardcopy CD rather than downloading the music online, you get even more trippy pictures. My photos are pretty lousy for reasons I feel no need to explain, so just use your imagination here to fill in the trippy gaps, or else you could partake of some mind-altering sub--nah, don't do that. Reading this blog probably warps your mind enough as it is.

The Very Best of Aerosmith: Devil's Got a New Disguise CDThe Very Best of Aerosmith: Devil's Got a New Disguise cover backIf you like Aerosmith and don't already own a bunch of their music, buy this album. It's that simple.

[Cover image from Remember, kids: Adding skeletons and devils can make anything, even your book report on Sarah, Plain and Tall, look way cooler, like it was done by older kids.]

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