Saturday, December 13, 2008

Video Game Resources

They say that ignorance is bliss, so I'm here to ruin your happiness with information you might find helpful if you play video games.

For as vast and comprehensive as the Internet is, sometimes you just can't find the information that you need to figure out what that strange magic rod does, how to successfully navigate through your local ice pyramid, or how to rid yourself of those pesky Metroids that have taken up residence in the lab you're trying to raid.

For your convenience, here are three video game websites that just might come in handy in such situations:

GameFAQs: Walkthroughs, reviews, screenshots, fun Top 10 lists, news, message boards, and probably other stuff I don't pay attention to for every game and platform out there.

VGMaps: Complete maps, most of them created from actual screenshots, of a good sampling of games from various systems.

replacementdocs: Large repository of PDFs of hardcopy video game manuals.

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