Friday, February 20, 2009

Friday Links and Things

Today, some stuff to go and check out, courtesy of Ye Old Internets.

--First up, trailers of Marvel's Ultimate Alliance 2 video game are online, and by all accounts, it looks really cool, and it looks to follow Marvel's Civil War storyline from a couple of summers ago. Check out the game's official site, here. And you can check out the latest trailer right here. The game hits stores this Fall, so start saving up!

Fun fact about the trailer (and the game, I suppose). A school in my hometown actually gets blown up in the game (and in the Civil War comics), and that seems to be the crux of its storyline., right?

Sure it is.

--AnyEwok, on to the next item. In more Marvel-related news, Fox aired three new trailers for the upcoming Wolverine movie, called X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Here's the official site, complete with video. I initially had some doubts about this flick, but I have to say, these latest trailers look quite good.

And, like all much-hyped movies, there is also a much-hyped video game release to go along with it. Check out the official site, right here.

--This week, the 2009 Eisner Hall of Fame nominees were announced, and you can see the entire list of comics legends here. For those unfamiliar with the Eisners, they are the highest honor given to comics creators, and they are handed out every year at the San Diego Comic Con. The awards are named for Will Eisner, whom many consider to be the father of graphic novels.'s Kindle 2 drops next week, thus doing its part to expedite the death of paper.

--Legendary comics artist Gene Colan announced on his Web site that, for a short period of time, he will be taking commission requests. If you want a customized piece of art from one of the true greats, you can get information here.

--This might be incredibly old news to some, but I just found out about it, so it's new to me! Check out this blog right here, written by, among others, comics writer and editor Mark Waid. There's some really interesting stuff posted, and if you have any interest at all in how comics are made, this blog is a must-read!

Well, that's all I can scrounge up for this week. Happy Friday, everyone!

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