Thursday, February 26, 2009

Midnight Syndicate: Gothic nightmare soundtracks

Midnight Syndicate logoAs a Dungeon Master, I like to have music playing during my games of D&D. I have an impossibly large collection of video game music I use, but some DMs have little or nothing to work with. No real dungeon would have Britney Spears as background music.

This is why I recommend Midnight Syndicate: they produce the kind of creepy, atmospheric, and ominous music that a battle between werewolf or vampire factions deserves. Heck, they've even produced the official roleplaying soundtrack of Dungeons & Dragons, and provided the soundtrack for Robert Kurtzman's horror movie The Rage.

Check out Midnight Syndicate's official site. You can tell them I sent you. They won't care, but you can tell them anyhow.

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