Saturday, February 28, 2009

Month in Review: February 2009

February was an interesting month for both of us on a personal level, and perhaps as a result, our posts gravitated toward the things we could write about most easily: comics, video games, reviews, and personal stories/rants. That's not to say that the quality was necessarily any different from in previous months, but rather that the Affirmative Action people may or may not have called us out for our lack of diversity.

Here's what we cranked out:

- News about the trailer for the Batman: Arkham Asylum video game

- News about a fellow blogger's new site for independent publishers and creators

- An update on the status of mega-download site Galbadia Hotel

- Alex's "review" of The Empire Strikes Back

- An introduction to The Goon, and my review of Alex's favorite comics series

- Alex's real review of Return of the Jedi and the original Star Wars trilogy

- A review of the animated double feature, Hulk Vs., in which--you guessed it--Hulk smash!

- My personal ramblings on the current circumstances of my life as they pertain to the blog

- A rant about someone buying up 20 copies of Neil Gaiman's Batman comic

- A review of Superman: Birthright, a retelling of Superman's origin story

- Tales of hanging out in a comics store for six straight hours

- A discussion about the tribulations of Alex's in-the-works graphic novel

- A review of Mega Man 9, the first classic Mega Man game in about 10 years, as well as its downloadable content

- A surprise recommendation of the Daredevil DVD

- Assorted links of various kinds, version one and version two

- Stories about the entertaining and talented basketball team known as the Harlem Globetrotters

- A little rant about the Oscars as they relate to the comics industry

- A discussion about Black Panther, Madame Xanadu, and the Dark Tower comics

- An introduction to Midnight Syndicate, a music group known for their gothic/horror soundtracks


Anonymous said...

thanks for the article and for the poll, i am for the moment the only one who has never been to a geek convention :(

Flashman85 said...

Hey, that poll's up 'till Friday, so tell all your friends about us so that they can show some solidarity and vote "no" with you! And also so that they can become subscribers and followers and Facebook friends.

Not that we care about that kind of stuff. ;)