Friday, February 27, 2009

Friday Links and Things

So, it's Friday again, and I don't know about you, but this felt to me like an exceedingly LOOOONNNGGGG week. (As further illustrated by my hysterical spelling of "long" in that last sentence). But, as today is (finally, blessedly, and mercifully) Friday, here are some (well, OK, there are only three this week, but still) links to round up a whole week's worth of comics-related news and information and minutia.

--First, some sad news for staffers at Wizard Magazine, the long-running and oft-maligned monthly comics news mag and price guide. Wizard, like seemingly all print publications these days, has taken some major hits recently, and this news only solidifies the all-too-real fact that magazines and newspapers need to adapt or die.

Like, right away.

Now, Wizard has taken a lot of criticism online and elsewhere, mostly due to their low-brow approach to certain subjects, their *ahem* immature writing style, and their almost wholesale negligence when it comes to reporting on independent comics. And, while they do in fact deserve some of the negative vibes directed at them, I have to admit--I enjoy Wizard.

I look forward to picking up each month's issue, and I have the feeling that I'll be a reader for as long as they're in business. So, sad news, and best of luck to anyone caught in the crosshairs. In any case, you can read the story about the firings, and the overall climate of the company, here.

--Next up we have some good news for Marvel movie fans. (And comics fans in general!) Samuel L. Jackson, famous for being the only actor in history to appear in every movie ever produced, will star in...every movie Marvel will ever produce. Jackson will appear in nine Marvel films as Nick Fury, Director of S.H.I.E.L.D., and you can read all about right here.

--And, lastly, I've just found out that this March will see the first ever Comic Art Convention, to be held in Secaucus, New Jersey. And, while I won't be able to attend, you certainly can! And all the info you'll need can be found right here. The con sounds like a great idea, and a no-brainer, and I wish them luck!

Hokey Dokey, that's all she wrote for today, folks. Check back in tomorrow for some more classic blogging, Exfanding style. Oh, and Happy Friday!

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