Sunday, May 3, 2009

GameCola May Issue Is Here!

At last! And this month's edition of the humorous online videogame newsletter is the most Nathaniel-tastic issue yet! (Wait... I'm supposed to be encouraging you to read it... Oh, well.)

Mega Man & Bass screenshot: Bass battles Pirate ManI'm not kidding. Well, about the "Nathaniel-tastic" part. This month for GameCola, I...

- wrote a review of Mega Man & Bass

- participated in a joint review of the original Final Fantasy (which goes horribly inappropriate in one or two spots thanks to my co-reviewer, so beware)

- dug up some Flash games and videos about dinosaurs for my Flash Flood column

- argued with another staff member over the latest videogame news and ideas in Versus Mode

- participated in not one but two podcasts

- helped to proofread and/or edit nearly all the reviews and articles appearing in this month's issue

- took on the responsibility of maintaining the GameCola YouTube page, which is currently chock-full of Phoenix Wright, Mega Man, and Shirley Temple videos

...and I got the Employee of the Month award. Woohoo! Phew! I've tired myself out just talking about this!

So, go on ahead; check out There's way more than just me there, I promise.

Every month there's a contest for referrals--whoever inspires the most people to join the GameCola mailing list (which only informs you when the latest issue arrives--no spam whatsoever) wins whatever random junk is up for grabs. This is where you come in: If you're thinking of subscribing, follow this [no longer functional] link and enter your e-mail address in the Your Friend's E-Mail Address line and laffman85 [at] aol [dot] com in the Your E-Mail Address line. (I know that sounds backwards, but that's how it works.)

If you like GameCola or even if you're just there for me (it's okay to admit it), please consider showing your support by becoming a fan of GameCola on Facebook. Then, after you're done considering, actually show your support by becoming a fan. Plzkthnxbye.
The Last Dinosaur screenshot


Scott said...

Your link for "So, go on ahead; check out" should be prefaced with "http" so that it directs to an outside site rather than trying to find it on blogger.

Flashman85 said...

Well, that's dumb. I wonder how that happened; I check all the links before I post, too...

It's fixed now, though. Thanks!