Tuesday, May 5, 2009

One More Thing

First we post on Sunday, then we post twice on a Tuesday--is nothing sacred anymore?! But I digress...

In keeping with today's theme of posting up relevant and interesting links, I'd like to run an announcement from Exfanding friend Kevin Powers, who has just launched a new and very cool Web site featuring some of his original writing.

I've read some of the stories up on his Web site now and some he hasn't yet posted (I even edited a couple!), and they are fun and well-written. If you're a fan of the Old West, then this site will be right up your alley. Check it out, and if this sounds like something you're into, then by all means go visit the site!

Here's the PR solicitation that I received just a little while ago:

Tales of the West: Legends of Steel Creek adKevin Powers, creator and purveyor of the Creator-Owned Blog and longtime reviewer and news editor at comic book website Comics Bulletin, has launched an innovative and groundbreaking new website that features short stories taking place in the Old West. The site is entitled "Legends of Steel Creek." The stories will be only a few pages long and will all take place within the fictional town of Steel Creek, Arizona, in the days of the Old West. The stories aren’t necessarily revealed in chronological order, but they are all connected to one another through the characters and events that transpire.

Legends of Steel Creek” will primarily focus on two individuals and the people around them. At one end of the spectrum is bounty hunter Jim Hammer who fits the classic Clint Eastwood-style, Western hero archetype. He is a stoic and dangerous man who, for personal reasons, also has an itch to kill any general, Union or former Confederate that he comes into contact with.

On the other end is Colonel William Hanover, the “mayor” of Steel Creek, a former Confederate commander who traveled with his men out West following the end of the Civil War. The Colonel is a disgusting human being whose only goals are satisfying his own desires and appeasing his men. The Colonel’s rise to power in Steel Creek is documented in the first story, “A Brief History of Steel Creek.”

With the first story currently online, the second should be readily available by Friday, May 8th or earlier. Currently, the site’s live features include an “Archives” section to read past stories, a forum to chat and discuss the stories, links to other sites maintained by Kevin Powers, and an “About” section that details a brief account of how “Legends of Steel Creek” came to fruition. Coming soon will be the “Legends” page dedicated to the people and places of Steel Creek, featuring brief biographies of characters accompanied by pin-ups done by a range of different artists. Also in the works is a CafePress powered shop featuring a wide array of products relating to “Legends of Steel Creek.”

So whether you are a fan of Westerns, are looking for a new type of story, or if have a few minutes to kill at work or at home, you might as well wander on in to Steel Creek and read about “Where Legends Live.”



Scott said...

Seeing your name made me realize that all this time I've been confusing you with someone else... and that the other person's name is Alec, not Alex.

AJG said...

Uh-oh! Hopefully you don't think less of me as a result!